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Yes!! I’m glad you stopped by! Meet Katie a copywriter and strategist who really loves crafting impactful stories and discovering new conversion strategies. Ready to unlock the selling power of your content?

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Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

Making Money Doing What I Love -Writing!

I help you increase your impact with stand-out storytelling copy that will definitely convert. Assisting business owners/coaches/individuals with; SEO website copywriting, Blog articles, Social media posts and Email copywriting is my number one passion.

Area of my Expertise

SEO Website Copywriting

You want to launch your business yet you don’t have time to copywrite your web contents? Do not worry, that’s where I come in! 

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Blog Articles

Are you ready to show off your expertise in your field with well-researched contents for your article that really sounds like you? I will help you out! Get to Learn more.

Social Media Posts

Are you a business owner/coach and would love to give your brand an online presence? I can turn your market idea into hashtag, phrase or longer posts for any of your social media channels. 

Email Copywriting

Do you need an email marketing for your business? No problem. I will assist in crafting words that are appealing, compelling and effective copy for your  marketing materials leveraging your expertise.

Meet Katie Reinah

Katie Reinah

Founder of Freelancer Digest

“Probably the biggest thing or biggest ‘aha’ moment I had with the process of copywriting was when I realized that copywriting was more than just being creative. I used to think, ‘Wow, let’s come up with something great and wonderful,’ and I didn’t start becoming successful, in my own eyes, until I said, ‘No, my clients are not hiring me to be creative; they’re hiring me to deliver a control.”

Your Copywriter strategist and Mentor

A copywriter by trade and a biochemist by training. With a bunch of hobbies I barely have time for 😊,one of them is writing which I’ve turned into a profession. I help business owners to authentically connect with their people, build brand loyalty and sell their offers using honest and inclusive copy that definitely puts human first. I’m a young mother to one beautiful girl and the founder of Freelancer Digest which was created with personal freedom and creativity in mind  after quitting my 9-5 in a pharmaceutical industry that I worked for over five years! I know this sounds quite crazy, right? 😊. I strive to make a positive change through my writing by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners/individuals to communicate their value, discover their brand voice and optimize their contents for more conversions through copy writing. My main goal is to help purpose-driven brands to tell their story and sell their offers through a copy that will align with their voice and their values. If you are looking to connect with your customers while also making an impact on the environment through a standing brand voice that is uniquely yours, I will definitely help you get there! Besides just copywriting, I also train/coach individuals who aspires to be competitive copy writers to build their career and develop a personal freedom while working as freelancers. Want to work with me?

Your Personal Copywriter

Director at Freelancer Digest

Ready to whip your copy into shape? Talk to me! Are you a new and upcoming freelancer writer who wants to Jump-start or scale up your freelance writing career in 2023? I have a course for you!

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