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Pillar Content: 5 Proven Reasons Not to Miss them on Your Website

Pillar content is the cornerstone of a highly successful website/blog.

Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank page wondering what next to publish on your blog?

How many times do you wake up with no content ideas at all, and all you can do is sit there feeling frustrated with your glaringly ‘stagnant’ blog?

I know what your blog is missing–pillar content.

Pillar content is the holy grail of content marketing and the cornerstone of your website or blog.

It’s the kind of content that gives your website life, and positions you as an authority on your niche of choice.

Today, I’ll help you understand the concept of pillar content and explore the benefits of investing in it as a website owner or eCommerce business person.

So, What Exactly Is Pillar Content?

Pillar content is a piece of content within your website that provides in-depth information about a broad topic and links back to several other related content pages – known as cluster content.

Pages that contain pillar content are known as pillar pages and often consist of one long blog that answers several questions about a topic.

Pillar pages can be split into smaller pages known as cluster pages which discuss related sub-topics.

For instance, a content marketing blog may have one pillar page about social media marketing. This may then be broken down into cluster pages talking about:

      • Instagram marketing
      • Instagram captions
      • Facebook advertising
      • LinkedIn marketing

A high-quality pillar page gives you a competitive edge in your industry and benefits your business in many measurable ways.

Maybe we should explore more about the pros of investing in pillar content. Shall we?

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Pillar Content

1. Boosts Search Engine Ranking

One of the most profound benefits of pillar content is that it boosts your search engine ranking.

Being the most in-depth and exhaustive article on your target topic, other people often feel compelled to link back to it.

~Pillar content attracts links like honey attracts bees~

Did you know that Google search algorithms work such that the more backlinks your site gets, the higher you rank in the search result pages? The results? More organic traffic coming your way.

Additionally, Pillar content is often heavy with focus keywords that easily meet the search intent of your target customers.

The table below will help you see the difference between content that ranks high on search engine result pages (SERPs) and those that don’t appear anywhere near the first page.

SEO-Element High-Ranking Content Low-Ranking Content
Quality/Length Longer in length and high quality Shorter in length, and made of thin content
Links Has quality internal and external links No external or internal links
Bounce rate Low bounce rate – readers stay longer on the page High bounce rate – readers leave the page faster
Reader engagement Page engages with the readers e.g through questions Content does not engage the readers

Ensure your pillar content is SEO-optimized to make it rank higher on search result pages.

2. Pillar Content Establishes Authority. 

Pillar content not only ranks you higher but also establishes your authority in your industry.

Why? Because the more people read and share your content, the more they see you as an authority on a subject.

Consequently, this builds trust between you and your readers and makes them want to visit your blog more often.

Ever heard that google favors E-A-T content? Well, this is one of the benefits of investing in pillar content – It helps your website establish:

      • E – Expertise
      • A – Authoritativeness
      • T – Trustworthiness.

When your eCommerce blog has high-quality pillar content that people find helpful and shareable, it builds authority, trust, and expertise, making your readers more likely to buy from you and not your competitors.

The best part is that you don’t have to carry the load all by yourself. Simply outsource content creation from a trained and experienced writer and wait for the results.

3. Attracts More Organic Traffic Over Time

web traffic

Pillar content attracts more organic traffic to your website over a long period.

Look at it like a one-stop-shop that offers your customers all the information they need, all under one roof! Wouldn’t more customers want to visit your content shop?

Long-form pillar posts will often bring you more traffic because they cover subjects in-depth and offer your readers lots of value.

According to HubSpot, one logistics company (3PL Central) that consistently published new pillar content with highly-ranking keywords realized a 900% growth in traffic and a 200% increase in revenue last year.

Now, that’s the power of pillar content!

When creating pillar pages, focus on common keywords and phrases, which readers use to search for answers about a specific topic.

For instance – if you run a blog about healthy foods, having a pillar page with ‘organic food’ as the focus keyword will attract readers who are specifically looking for organic food. 

Expert Tip: Make your pillar page evergreen by updating it often – It will attract more traffic to your website for months and even years after publishing.

4. Provides a Foundation for SEO-Focused Cluster Content 

As an eCommerce business owner, investing in pillar content provides a foundation for several cluster content.

Once you’ve published your pillar page, you’ll have a foundation for new ideas for other blog posts.

That means you never have to sit down and worry, “What should I write about today?”

One pillar page gives you an endless supply of ideas to work with, so you’re always inspired.

The figure below demonstrates how you can use one pillar content to produce several cluster contents for your website:

How do you build cornerstone or pillar content?

~Think of your pillar page as a lighthouse beacon – it attracts the attention of your audience, and points the way to other related content~

Links between pillar pages and cluster page make it easier for Google to crawl through your site. Ultimately, your eCommerce blog will rank higher as a whole.

5. More Opportunities for Email Opt-Ins

Another benefit of pillar content is that it provides your readers with several opportunities for email opt-ins.

Every eCommerce business owner knows the significance of an email list. Well, do you?

A pillar page is the best place to add a lead magnet (e.g. a free ebook or video tutorial) to capture email addresses and help you build a list.

Your list is likely to grow faster since pillar pages attract more traffic than regular blog posts.

With a fast-growing email list, you can easily run an email marketing campaign and skyrocket your eCommerce revenue within a short period.


Ok, before you continue reading, take two minutes to watch this short video that so nicely summarizes the whole concept and benefits of pillar content.

6 Characteristics of An Effective Pillar Page

So, how do you know that your pillar page is effective?

Some characteristics of a pillar page that effectively increase your conversion rates include:

  • A Pillar Page is Evergreen

Your pillar page must be regularly updated to include the latest and most relevant information.

With an evergreen pillar page, Google will reward you with a higher ranking and send more traffic your way.

  • Long and In-depth

A pillar page offers comprehensive information about your topic of interest. A typical pillar page is 3000-5000 words long, even though some can be longer.

  • Contains Focus Keywords

An effective pillar page contains two or more long-tail focus keywords that are likely to meet the search intent of your target audience.

Choose the broad topic you want to rank for and research key phrases used by your target audience when searching that topic. Use them as your focus keywords to create a broad search engine authority.

Examples of long-tail focus keywords include: freelance writing jobs and email marketing courses.

  • Has a Table of Contents

Effective pillar pages have an anchor-linked table of contents that makes it easier for readers to scroll through from one section to another.

  • Has Internal and External Links

It also has internal links to relevant existing content within your blog. Pillar content also has external links to high authority websites within a similar niche.

  • Has Actionable CTAs

An effective pillar page often has one or more actionable CTAs – what you want the reader to do after reading.

Use your pillar page to build an email lists by including downloadable offers in exchange for email addresses. Such offers may include:

      • An ebook
      • A whitepaper
      • A video tutorial
      • A free course
      • A PDF report

Boost Your Blog with High-Performing Pillar Content

As you can see, pillar content is one essential element that will turn your eCommerce blog from a dormant to an active blog that earns more revenue for your business.

Is it worth the investment? Well, the answer is a profound yes.

Every eCommerce business owner should invest in pillar content as part of their content marketing strategy.

With evergreen content that’s in-depth and SEO-optimized, your blog will enjoy:

      • A higher search engine ranking
      • More organic traffic coming your way
      • More subscription and a fast-growing email list (with a simple lead magnet)
      • Higher conversion rates (You easily convert readers to subscribers and buying customers).

Guess where all these benefits end up? More customers coming your way and increasing revenue for your eCommerce business.

Invest in one quality, high-performing pillar content today and watch your eCommerce blog do the talking and bring in the money for you.

~A blog without pillar content is almost as good as no blog at all~



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