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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

7 Most Effective Ways to Land Well-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs (With Evidence)

Freelance writing jobs can be both easy and hard to find. 

Anyone can land a writing job by simply sending a proposal or forwarding their writer resume.

Well, do you know where the difference comes in? WELL-PAYING freelance writing jobs.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned freelance writer, your ultimate goal is to land well-paying clients who will give you a consistent flow of jobs and pay you well for your efforts, right?

I know writers getting paid as low as $0.01 per word, and I know others earning as high as $5 per word, all in the same industry.

What makes the difference? 

  • How you promote yourself as a writer
  • How you differentiate yourself from other writers
  • Where and how you look for freelance writing jobs

If you’re a freelance writer looking for well-paying freelance writing jobs, here are the seven most effective ways to promote yourself, land your dream clients, and earn a decent long-term income writing.

I’ve used all of them, and they have yielded fruits, as you’ll see from the screenshots I share with each method.

freelance writing jobs

1 – Polish Your Writing Skills

The very first step towards landing well-paying freelance writing jobs is to polish your writing skills.

Do you know those clients who pay above-average rates? They never hire average writers. High-paying clients hire top-notch writers who know their stuff and write with purpose.

If you want to be paid extremely well to write, you’ll have to write extremely well.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer, there’s always something new you can add to your writing to make it more appealing.

To land well-paying freelance writing jobs, you’ll need to: 

  • Learn how to write quality, not quantity.
  • Write outstanding and in-depth content that differentiates itself from the large pool of articles online.
  • Write concisely with no filler and fluff.
  • Learn how to write compelling headlineshooking introductions, and exceptional conclusions.
  • Write with clarity and use examples to support your points.
  • Write SEO-optimized articles that are friendly to both Google and your readers.
  • Learn how to proofread and edit your work to submit quality articles free of errors.

Being deliberate about improving my writing skills and delivering top-notch articles helped me land my first copywriting contract with a reputable content marketing agency (see screenshot below).

I was completely fresh in copywriting and gained A LOT of copywriting experience working with the team.


Did you notice this line?: “We don’t have space for writers who can’t write well, including punctuations, etc.

That means you have to be keen on every little detail and submit error-free articles. And that, exactly, is what I do! I’m always keen not to leave an ‘i’ undotted or a ‘t’ uncrossed when writing.

Further Reading: 5 Easy Ways to Write SEO-Optimized Articles will show you how to optimize your articles to rank high on Google search result pages. Your clients will ALWAYS need this!

2 – Create A Kick-Ass Writing Portfolio

Once you’ve polished your skills and can write top-notch articles that will ‘wow!’ clients, it’s time to put your skills out there through a kick-ass portfolio.

As I always say, your portfolio is the real estate of your freelance writing career. It does all the convincing for you, proves your writing ability, and makes clients approach you with a decided mindset.

Your writing portfolio showcases a sample of your BEST articles that you use to woo clients and land well-paying freelance writing jobs online.

The best place to publish your portfolio is on your website with a designated ‘Portfolio’ page. However, if you don’t have a personal website, there are several sites on which you can publish your portfolio. They include:

The screenshot below shows a sample of my portfolio on Contently, which I use to display my writing skills to potential clients.


catherine freelance writing portfolio contently

My Writing Portfolio on Contently

published portfolio increases your chances of getting hired than word or PDF documents (Most clients won’t even open them. Ouch!!). 

Further Reading: How to Build an Outstanding Freelance Writing Portfolio will give you five tips you can use to build an outstanding portfolio that will make high-value clients scramble to hire you.

3 – Cold-pitch for the Best Freelance Writing Jobs

Cold-pitching is a way of creating opportunities for yourself as a freelance writer.

You see, you can’t just sit there waiting for clients to post jobs and compete against 1,000 other applicants—why not grab the job before it gets aired out to the public?

Cold-pitching makes you a proactive freelance writer as opposed to a reactive one.

Once you have your kick-ass writing portfolio, start identifying and sending killer cold-pitch emails to your dream clients.

I know you’re thinking, “How do I find the best clients to cold pitch?”

In the video below, Elna Cain explains how you can start finding the right businesses to pitch for high-paying writing jobs.


Start by searching for successful freelance writers in your niche. Check their portfolios and identify companies who have hired them for content.

Check the company websites and identify key persons in those companies (e.g. The content manager or the editor). Connect with them on LinkedIn or find their email contacts on their ‘Contact’ web page and drop your killer pitch.

You can also Google ‘startups’, ‘publications‘ or ‘businesses‘ in your niche to get a list of prospective clients.

Some common gaps you can take advantage of when cold pitching for remote freelance writing jobs include:

  • No blog: Identify websites with no blog and pitch the idea to them (with a list of 3-5 suggested content headlines).
  • Less content: Identify companies that already have an active blog and pitch your additional content ideas to them.
  • Outdated blog: Alternatively, identify companies with outdated blogs and send them your pitch offering to help them with regular content creation. 
  • Weak content: Offer to help companies update old content or fix weak content on their websites. They’ll appreciate and before you know it, you’re hired!

Here’s a screenshot of a sample cold-pitch email I sent to a potential client in the alternative health niche some time back:

cold pitch for freelance writing jobs

The trick is that NOT so many freelance writers enjoy sending cold pitches, but the few who do, reap massively—take the patch less traveled today and watch yourself smiling all the way to the bank.

Take Action! Make a list of 30 prospective clients in your niche that you’d like to write for and start cold pitching. Remember to keep your pitch short and sweet!

4 – Follow Leads on Social Media (Forget Job Groups)

follow leads for freelance writing jobs

Successful freelance writers know how to leverage the power of social media to self-promote and build successful brands.

Uh-uh! They don’t creep on those Facebook or LinkedIn job groups you’re thinking of.

Have you noticed how those job groups are often flooded with job-seeking writers and very few clients? When a client posts one job, hundreds of writers jump in with their qualifications, scrambling for that one job.

If you want an upper hand in landing well-paying freelance writing jobs from social media, skip the groups BS and go direct to the horses.

  • Follow the leads—the job owners—and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram (identify where they’re most active).
  • Send them a friend request or connection request.
  • If they post frequently, engage with their posts—comment, share and create a relationship with them.
  • Check their website and send an email commending them on an article you liked.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and take their premium course if you can.

Some valuable leads to follow on social media include:

  • Content strategists
  • Content marketing managers
  • Talent managers
  • Directors
  • CEOs

Make them notice you, but not in a suffocating way, you know. After creating a relationship, let them know you’re open for work, then share your contacts with them.

Next time they need a writer, they’ll come directly to you and give you the job instead of posting it on those groups flooded with average-level writers.

I connect with most of my potential clients through My LinkedIn profile, and they reach out to me with jobs. I also get freelance writers from my LinkedIn connections whenever I need some help.

The screenshot below is an example of a message I received from a client in my LinkedIn network:

catherine linkedin 

When we started working, this client was so pleased with my articles that he paid me more than the rate we initially agreed on. We still work together to date and I enjoy it!

NB: Building a relationship is a self-branding and promotional strategy that takes time, so this is more of a long-term tactic than a quick-fix.

5 – Write High-Value Guest Posts 

Guest posts are your best opportunity to display your writing skills to a larger audience and increase your chances of landing well-paying freelance writing jobs.

When potential clients read your content on a high-value blog, they know that your writing is so good that someone else wanted your articles on their website.

This makes them want to hire you instantly.

To land well-paying writing clients, start seeking guest post opportunities on high-value websites and blogs.

Identify sites in your niche where you’d like to write guest posts. A simple Google search like “Guest post+Niche” e.g Guest post+health and fitness, will bring you a list of websites looking for guest posts in your niche. You can also search: “Write for us+Niche.

Once you find a website looking for guest writers in your niche, check if they have any submission guidelines—most sites do, and the easiest way to get ignored is not to follow their submission guidelines.

Write your article and pitch it to the relevant person e.g the editor. 

If you write a killer article, they may want to hire you to write more articles. Plus, it exposes you to more clients who may have read and got pleased with your article.

Remember to accompany your guest posts with exceptional author bylines to show potential clients how you can help them.

To prove that this method works, see the screenshot below of how one of my clients approached me from this guest post I wrote for the Freelancerkenya blog.

guest post for freelance writing jobs

My guest post on 50 places to find paid freelance writing jobs


The email I received from a client

I still write for this client occasionally and he’s awesome.

Here is a list of over 300 websites and blogs that accept guest posts from where you can begin your search. 

6 – Inbound Marketing: Your Website and Social Profiles

One of the simplest ways to promote and position yourself for well-paying freelance writing jobs is through inbound marketing on your website and social profiles.

If you’re not fresh to the game, you already know that your website is your best marketing tool and an asset to your freelance writing business.

And If you’re a newbie looking to position yourself for success, it’s time to create a professional self-hosted website to market your skills. 

Have a ‘Portfolio’ page where you publish your best samples and a tactfully written ‘About’ page to tell clients who you are and how you can help them. Share your website link on as many platforms as you can to spread the word. 

Additionally, you should position yourself for well-paying freelance writing jobs using your social media profiles.

Let all your profiles reflect what you do and how you can help your clients achieve more through your writing skills. Use your social profiles to: 

  • Regularly share valuable content.
  • Engage with other writers’ content.
  • Leave VALUABLE comments on posts related to your niche.
  • Share posts related to your niche.

You never know who’s viewing your posts and may just approach you to write for them.

Secret Tip: One common mistake among writers is making their ‘About’ pages all about themselves. Clients don’t really care about who you are or what you’ve achieved. They want to know how you can help them

For instance, my ‘About’ section on my LinkedIn profile below shows how I use my writing skills to help my esteemed clients.


Make your ‘About’ pages LESS about you and MORE about how you can use your skills to make the client’s life easier.

7 – Connect With Successful Writers in Your Niche

Connections and networks go a long way!

Show me your network, and I’ll tell you who you are. If you want to be a successful freelance writer, you have to flock your network with other successful writers.

To identify them, do a simple search on any social platform as follows:

  • Freelance writer+Niche e.g. Freelance writer+alternative health
  • Content writer+Niche e.g. Content writer+health and fitness
  • Copywriter+Niche e.g. Copywriter+digital marketing
  • Article writer+Niche e.g. Article writer+cryptocurrency

Identify influential writers with a large following and sneak on their profiles (does it hurt anyone?). Connect with them and create a relationship. Share their content and help them out in any way you can.

After establishing a relationship, ask them to pass on or endorse you for clients if they don’t mind. Many successful writers regularly reject offers from clients who can’t afford their rates. 

Ask them to endorse you to those lower-paying clients—you never know—what’s low to them could be beyond your wildest dreams. 

Some of the best writers I follow on LinkedIn and learn a lot from are Walter Akolo, Caro Tice, Elna Cain, and Charles Miller.

In this video, Meghan Grant explains the three best strategies you can use to find clients on LinkedIn and land those top-paying writing gigs you covet.

Cut through the Noise and Grab the Best Freelance Writing Jobs

I’m sure by now, your mind is wide open. Isn’t it?

You’re no longer thinking about Upwork, Fever, Problogger, and other job boards as the only available sources of remote freelance writing jobs.

Your options are so diverse that you need not sit a single day wondering where to get well-paying jobs.

With well-polished writing skills and a kick-ass portfolio, you can start cold pitching your dream clients before they even shout out the vacancies to the public.

Start writing guest posts immediately, follow leads, and connect with successful freelance writers on social media. These strategies will put you in the right gear to start earning more, even if you’re a beginner.

These are the tactics I use every day to connect with clients and land well-paying writing opportunities.

Ok! If you’d like to know more or have a taste of my writing, contact or connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s walk this challenging journey of content marketing together.

Have a question or a comment? Drop it in the comment section below, and I’ll get back soon.

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